Building Affordable Housing

Nurture Hope is working to build out buses as affordable housing through our Build A Bus Home program. 

In this uncertain atmosphere of rising housing costs, food costs, and uncertain wages all combine together to cause an increase in homelessness.  Building homes together as a community we will offer another solution to the problems discussed. As you have read in The Problems.

We are working toward building alternative, affordable, safe, and healthy housing by converting buses into homes for low income and houseless residents of Thurston County.

We own two 40’ buses purchased from the Tumwater School District in August 2018. We held two work parties to remove seats and flooring. These work parties were very successful as all the seats were removed and the floor of one bus was completed. Our volunteers who helped expressed interest in continuing the build through to completion. Starting with these two 40′ buses we plan to convert them to full bathrooms, with toilets, sinks and showers, the second bus will be converted to storage and laundry. 

Providing Creative Solutions to the Challenges Facing Our Community

Affordable, healthy, and safe –YES! Cost will be based on income or lack of income, cost of living, and other factors in compliance with State and Federal Laws. More details to follow as the Board develops this further. No discrimination – all income levels accepted.

We are focusing attention on Thurston County, WA. Then, as time progresses, we will look to increase our reach beyond Thurston County to the State of Washington and beyond.

Inclusivity and Radical Hospitally to All Those In Need 




We will serve all people who need assistance, such as single mothers with children, and single men and women who need an affordable home where they can be safe and be surrounded by community. Many people do not have an address. This can lead to a host of other struggles, such as lack of cleanliness of self and clothing, seeking employment, and staying employed. We will work closely with organizations who provide Coordinated Entry.

Sidewalk is the starting point to determine eligibility for social services for single adults. Family Support Center is the agency that helps families, Community Youth Services assists the youth in our communities. We will continue to work with these and many other organizations to achieve our mutual goals of serving the homeless and low-income people in Thurston County.

In 2018, we participated with the City of Lacey and faith communities on a subcommittee about homelessness, and our need for a response in Lacey. We collectively make recommendations to the City of Lacey based on the needs of our communities, and the ability to accomplish the projects, and plans outlined.

Some challenges encountered

  • City/County planning & zoning laws that are outdated
  • Land with buildings for converting buses, office space, classrooms, a café, an art and recording studio
  • Washington State & Federal poverty guidelines
  • Funding
  • Not being sustainable

The time is NOW, let’s work together to serve our neighbors who need our services.

When people live in affordable housing, spending less on rent and utilities, they can become a more productive member of society.
When people feel good about themselves, they spend more, and contribute more, they go out to events more, and therefore, they boost the economy!
When people in their community volunteer, they can become happier more content people through giving of themselves to others.
When we are more content, we smile more, have happier interactions with people, and possess the chance to spread more happiness.
What are your talents and skills that you would like to spread and put to good use with Build A Bus Home?

Building Affordable Housing Options

Do you want to help us build homes from surplus buses?

Build A Bus Home (BABH), a Washington State nonprofit organization, was founded by Lisa Gillotti in January 2018. It was started in response to an urgent need for affordable housing and social programs designed to help the homeless and low-income populations in Thurston County.  BABH is invested in making a difference by offering an alternative to our growing problems.

We are in the process of creating a stronger community to empower people and encourage cooperative strategies in our community, while we build. We will be building bus conversion homes together and creating a community of caring people to meet basic needs.

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