Shower Power Plus (SPP) is focused on enhancing the quality of life for our unhoused neighbors by providing showers, clean clothing, and supplies. We’re also working with community partners to offer additional resources in an atmosphere of radical hospitality.

Showers provide a way for municipalities in Thurston County to meet part of the basic hygiene needs and reduce the health and environmental impacts of some of the most at-risk homeless residents. The basic health and safety needs of homeless residents is a challenge when many go without basic hygiene services, such as showers and hand-washing and this leads to other consequences for general safety and health of our communities.


Shower Power Plus program welcomes any and every person visiting and requesting a shower and clean clothes.  Additionally, we provide a warm meal, food, clothing donations and service referrals at each shower event.

We have funding from Thurston County to expand our Shower Power Plus Program (SPP) offering mobile showers, hygiene supplies and socks/underwear to the houseless community. We are currently partnering with the City of Olympia to host these services in Olympia and in the past have offered over 3500 showers to the community, since July 2020. 

You can make a difference in a homeless individual’s life by donating or volunteering with us today

Sarah was being illegally kicked out of her apartment. She took her landlord to court and won, but in the end, he still put her out on the streets. With no money to fight back and nowhere to live, she is now stuck on the streets until she can find a way to get off her feet. Your gift would allow us to help people like Sarah get a good shower, access to hygiene supplies, and affordable housing to help her move forward.

Nurture Hope helps Thurston County’s unhoused community with affordable housing and provides mobile showers to those who don’t have regular access to clean running water.

Showers have been provided to homeless guests in Thurston County since July 2020. We can serve up to 30 – 40 guests in a day using CDC-prescribed COVID-19 safety precautions. The program serves homeless and low-income persons in Thurston County. Based on 2020 Point in Time Census data this population is 54% male, LGBTQ 12%, 48% mental health issues, 40% chronic health issues, 35% physical health issues, 25% substance abuse issues and 15% claim developmental disabilities. 74% say they have been homeless more than one year. This population showed a 46% increase over 2019. Our initial guests are 75% single males, 5% single females, and 20% couples: some with children. Our guests fit the above data profile. 


We are launching our mobile shower program at a new location starting April 18th and will have it every Thursday from 9am to 1pm. Our new location is Olympia Union Gospel Mission which will allow us to serve many more houseless individuals. 


The simplest way to get involved is to click the “DONATE” button in the upper left of this page. To make an even bigger impact become a monthly donor to help us sustain this important work.

Your gift today would help fund the materials and fuel needed to give those individuals who are struggling a bit of normalcy and a small step toward the goal of self-sufficient living.

Our goal is to raise enough to keep our Shower Power Program going after funding from the county runs out. In the coming year we are aiming serve more unhoised indiividuals than we ever have before. Every donation gets us closer to serving more homeless individuals.

Volunteers are essential for running a mobile shower program. Sign Up to Volunteer Today!

We are recruiting driver, shower operations and outreach volunteers from the community to help manage and facilitate our services. Volunteers with skills in organization and resource coordination are invaluable to this program. Click the volunteer button at the top or bottom of this to learn more and sign up.

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Join us to Volunteer On – site on Shower event days

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